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The Guardians

A Christian is described in many different ways.  We are told we are God’s children, yet also the bride of Christ and the temple of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus said, we are sheep in need of a great Shepherd, but He also told us to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.  The Christian must be a humble servant who also resembles a mighty warrior.  How do we as Christians differentiate between fighting for what we believe and being willing to sacrifice our opinions on the altar of truth?  How do we learn to read the Bible and find clarity and understanding?

There are many great questions out there that we as Christians not only have a right to ask, but also have the responsibility to answer.  There are no questions more important than these three…

1. What do I believe?

2. Why do I believe it?

3. How do I defend it?

A guardian is a defender, protector, and a keeper of someone or something.  The guardian defends what is valuable, protects that which is worthy, and looks after the destined. 

Faith is having complete trust or confidence in someone or something.  A Christian’s faith is founded on trust in God with the confidence that His word is always true. 

This blog will not hesitate to ask the tough questions that our culture asks, but it will also present unique and simple concepts to lead the reader on a journey to find the answers through the Word of God itself.  The goal is not to feed more doctrine and denominational-ism, but to ask tough questions, study deep-rooted principles, and definitively give a safe environment for believers to find the answers to the three questions above. 

The ultimate goal is to help readers realize that questions are good, but that the truth is even better.  They will see the truth of their identity defined and realized within their faith.  Once realized and believed, faith will be so cherished that they will guard that faith diligently, ensuring that the Guardians of the Faith will arise!

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